St. Augustine Boat Rentals

Traditional Boat Rentals vs. Us

Why go the traditional route with boat rentals when you can have a truly unique experience with us? Firstly, at Old Town Party Boat, you can be prepared to make great memories. Why? Because we offer a celebratory and relaxed atmosphere for you to enjoy the beauty of this area without all the hassle of traditional rentals. We hope you can join us for a truly unique and downright fun experience on the stunning St. Augustine bay front.


We’re Easier Than Your Average Boat Rentals

Our hassle-free boat experiences provide guests with options: relax, party, drink, dance, enjoy! Partying is optional, so if you’d rather sit back and let us take the wheel, we’ll gladly do so. With us, you can get the dreamy setting of other rentals, without all the responsibilities. Most importantly, you are free to drink as much as you want – we’ll make sure you get back to shore as happy as a clam.

BYOB Rentals

Many of us feel passionate about our beer preferences. Do you have an all-time favorite craft beer you can’t boat without? Or maybe you won’t drink anything without the letters PB and R? You’re in luck, because our boat rentals are run entirely on the Bring-Your-Own-Beer system. In short, you can bring as much of whatever your heart desires and enjoy it on board. Cheers!


Boat Rentals with a Soundtrack

Have you ever danced on a boat? If not, now’s your chance, because we have an awesome sound system that will guarantee the urge to boogie when the realization hits you… You’re watching the sunset on the water, drinking your favorite beer, surrounded by great people, and that one song just came on. Can you name a boat rental company that nearly always ends in a dance party? We can.