Party on the Water

The Party Boat Experience


What a Party Boat is all About

The very first party boat came out of the Netherlands in the late 1990s, but they have come a long way since then! The concept of a party boat is actually quite clever. The idea is, as drinking is a key element of the experience, partying helps burn off some of the calories gained from hours of beer intake. If you’re feeling tired or need a dancing break, don’t worry. When in need, let our engine do the work.

What is Different About our Party Boat

So what makes our party boat unique? Well, we’ve got an extra component that makes our bar experience even more fun than your average party boat. That is, our party pubs are also boats. Your common bicycle pubs are certainly a good time, but we’ve got the gorgeous Florida waters to enjoy. After all, when in Rome!

What to Expect from the Experience

When you step upon our 35-foot party-powered pontoon boat, you can expect entertainment that goes further than the typical party pub experience. Our boats can fit up to 25 passengers and include a bar and dance floor, a full lounge area on the bow, a dance floor, a removable canopy for the sun, and a quality sound system. With everything you need on deck, enjoy one of our 90-minute party pub cruises along the bayfront for an unforgettable local experience.

Your Party Boat Options

Whether you’re looking for a private party with your friends to celebrate a birthday or wedding, or you’re looking to meet new people for a spontaneous bar experience on the water, we’ve got options. When it comes to parties, we are well equipped to provide what you need to have a great time. We specialize in bachelorette and bachelor parties and have also been known to throw an epic and unforgettable birthday party. Book a private or public tour with us today and find out for yourself!