Party Barge

Experience St. Aug from our Party Barge

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What on Earth is a Party Barge?

That’s a reasonable question. Let us clear that up for you. While a barge is technically a long, flat-bottomed vessel used to transport goods, it’s also just a fun way to say party boat. By our definition, a party barge is a recreation pontoon boat which is spacious enough to hold up to 25 passengers. Regardless of the size of your crew, our boat is decked out with features to ensure a fun-packed day or evening on the water.

Special Features of our Boat

So you want to hear more about those special features? First off, our party barge includes a bar and dance floor. This means you can burn off those beer calories and enjoy some healthy competition with your friends while on board. If you’re tired, just kick back and let our engines take over. On deck you can also find a full lounge area on the bow, a dance floor, a removable canopy for the sun, and a quality sound system, and coolers to keep your beers crisp.

Design-Your-Own Party

That’s right, we believe that a party is always better when you can truly take the wheel (or party) and make it your own. That’s why, we let you call the shots in several areas. Firstly, our parties are 100% BYOB. We all know what we like, so why not only have that? Secondly, the dance floor is yours. Put on your own playlist to enjoy your time to the fullest. Last, is your party public or private? That’s also up to you. Create your own adventure.

Why Should you Book a Party Barge in St. Augustine?

Why not book a party barge in St. Augustine should really be the question here. The experience itself is memorable and fun, and can we just talk about the view from the barge? From our rides along the Matanzas River, you’ll enjoy views of St. Augustine’s best-known landmarks, such as the St. Augustine Bayfront, Castillos de San Marcos (The Fort), Bridge of Lions, Mission Nombre de Dios (The Cross), and the Lighthouse. Come party with us!