Your Favorite Local Party Bike on the Water

Party Bike: The Perfect Way to Spend Your Special Day

Looking for a way to celebrate a special occasion? A picturesque and fun booze cruise with your favorite people is a surefire winner. The Old Town Party Boat party bike is sure to live up to all of your celebration expectations, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, bachelorette party, or anniversary. We specialize in parties! From every angle, St. Augustine is a beautiful place. If you’re going to spend hours on a party bike, why not do it while taking in the scenery? Come enjoy the natural beauty of this area with us! How boring does a normal party bike sound once you consider one that you can party through the Matanzas River? That’s what we thought. Whatever the occasion, we can guarantee to provide you with the hyped atmosphere you deserve. Can’t decide between active and relaxing party ideas? Let us be your two-in-one!

Party Your Worries Away

How fast can you party? Our 35ft party-powered pontoon boat includes a bar and dance floor to keep the party pumping, grooving, and cruising through the old town of St. Augustine. Some of your group can party while the rest take over dancing and chilling duties. Not to mention, we’re equipped with a paddlewheel for when the booze sets in and all you can do is lounge in the sun or bust a move on the dance deck. We’ve got you covered! Spend your day or evening drinking your favorite booze while burning it off at the same time. Just about anyone can party, but the folks who do it on our party bike are a different type. Why is that? Because, anyone who can appreciate the beauty of a party that combines nature, beer, music, and fun activity is a true lover of life. Come celebrate life with us!