Party Bar

No Plans This Weekend? Book a Party Bar.

sunset party boat

Close Out Your Night With Us

Between the cobblestone Spanish streets, the stunning beaches, and the epic food culture, we’re well aware that it’s easy to have a day well-spent in St. Augustine. That’s why we’re here to make sure your night is equally impressive and fun. After enjoying your time in the sunshine, we invite you to come aboard with us for an enjoyable party bar experience. That is to say, let us be the cherry on top of your day!

Party Bar Versus Normal Bar

So you’re weighing your options and deciding between a party bar or a normal one. We’re happy to help you with the pros and cons! First off, what do they have in common? In both options, you can drink all night with friends and strangers and bust a move on the dance floor. Now for their differences. In a normal bar, you aren’t on the water overlooking the city, enjoying the ocean air, partying with your friends, and DJing your own playlist. On a party bar, you are. So, have your pick.

Why Would I Want to Party at the Bar?

If the answer to this question isn’t already obvious to you, we suggest you book an evening with us and find out for yourself. However, we would be happy to give you an idea. Ever wonder why Thanksgiving is always more fun with a game of charades? Firstly, light-hearted group fun makes everything a little better! We offer more than just a great view. Indeed, onboard you can find 12 party stations, a full lounge area on the bow, and a dance floor. Don’t worry, if you want to dance or put your feet up, you can let our engine do the heavy lifting.

Why Our Party Bar?

¬†Well, let’s just say we are very well-versed in the entertainment arts. Beer? Our boats are BYOB so you can have full control over what you’re drinking. Music and dancing? We’ve got a great sound system where you can let us DJ or put on your favorite playlist and move it on the on-deck dance floor. Old fashioned fun? Party your way through the night. Above all, all of this with gorgeous views of historic St. Augustine from along the Matanzas River.